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Natively Distraction Free

The only existing device concept, that activity blocks distractions from mobile technology.

Scroll, Productivity Device, bethanyprocterdesigns


This project addressed issue of distractions in our work place; specifically focusing on digital distractions, from our mobile devices.

"1 hour per day is the amount of
time most Americans spend dealing with
distractions and then getting focused and
back on track.

A grand total of 5 full weeks in a year."*

Always on

Although our smart technologies are doubtlessly very helpful, they are also very disruptive and addictive. 

This is largely because of how certain organisations finance their apps. Their income comes from selling space on their platforms so that users can be exposed to advertising. This means that these companies are motivated to keep their users online for as long as possible.

However this isn't always that great for us - the users.

Scroll, Productivity Device

What Does Scroll Do?

The objective of Scroll is to save you time, by making you more productive.


Early on in my research I realised that I couldn’t change the way that social media apps behaved. They employ an arsenal of techniques and traps designed to keep users on their platforms for as long as possible.

So rather than trying to draw people away from these apps, I decided to use Scroll to create barriers to stop them getting drawn in, at the first stage.

This stage is the notification. Because of their random nature notifications are very enticing. Every time our phone buzzes we get a little thrill. What is it going to be? Who is it from? Ect… this means we are always half listening out for them whenever our phone is close, even if its switched off.

The idea behind Scroll was to block these notifications. There are already many apps and features that already do this to a certain extent like Forrest or Do Not Disturb. However like all application in a moment of weakness or frustration you can just delete them and then all the progress is lost.

You can’t delete a physical object, and we value objects differently to software.

Scroll uses Bluetooth technology to effectively place the paired device in a state of inertia proving a notification free space while you are working.

Scroll, How it works

Scroll uses a custom built interface to create an intuitive user experience.

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