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A Desk System to guide you

A desk designed to help optimise your workflow, and improve you wellness at work. On average a person loses nearly 20% of the working day to distractions. Cynosure removes distractions from your workspace, whilst also prompting you to take breaks away from you desk, to improve your physical and mental health at work.

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It is not productive to waste time, however it is not healthy to work all day. Cynosure address several problems encountered by many office workers everyday, namely distractions and muscle strain.

Cynosure sets out to reduce distractions in your workspace, by providing sound dampening screens and a frosted glass window. These are there to reduce visual and auditory distractions when you are working, while also providing a small area to receive visitors to your desk, so you are not cut off from the office.

Kneeling instead of sitting improves your posture because you cannot slouch, additionally it is difficult to kneel for extended periods, and so it encourages you to move, and take breaks. Increased movement means increase blood flow and subsequently better concentration. 

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