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A room without a view

I have just started working in a clean room, at a factory close to me. Before I had never really before considered the environment of a clean room. White walls, white ceiling. With stainless steal benches, and a few windows facing the corridor outside. No natural light makes it a kind of timeless space, with no way to organically measure the passing of time, accept for the ache in you feet and back and the rumble in your stomach. Everyone is doing their task in their spot, all dressed in white plastic coveralls, double layered gloves, over boots and face masks, an involuntary uniformity. Interestingly this level of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is normal for this work environment even when there isn't a global pandemic.

Working in a production/factory setting has been an eye opening experience. Even though I have only been there a week or so. Seeing how these places and systems operate, and watching a real product go through all of the phases of production.

Previously I had only studied these systems on paper, or in my text books. I believe now that I can better understand the needs of those operating those facilities and those working in them. It has also given me a better appreciation for labour hours needed to produce products especially in the first few batches and the careful inspection at each phase to ensure quality.

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