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Bethany Procter

I am an enthusiastic, versatile and creative young professional, with experience and interest in innovation and design thinking. For the last two years, I have led innovation and business development projects with several organisations across the UK, and been involved with a pioneering Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP) bringing design thinking into the Aberdeen Oil and Gas industry.

I am formally trained in Industrial Product Design, with a practical-based degree from the University of Plymouth in this subject. This design background has allowed me to bring new perspectives to the organisations where I have worked and to encourage others to think outside of the box. The 'give it a go' attitude of prototyping in design has allowed me to deliver projects and solutions quickly and with precision. Furthermore, business skills training has encouraged me to consider the strategy needed to sell these solutions to our consumer base and make them viable products for the company.

I am always looking for new learning opportunities and am especially keen to continue to work in innovation management, strategy and leadership. Please get in touch.

Introducing Scroll...

Scroll was my major project at university. Designed to help increase productivity, Scroll addresses the issue of digital distraction in our workplaces. 

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