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Bethany Procter

I am an enthusiastic, versatile and creative young professional, with experience and interest in innovation and design thinking. I am qualified in 3D Design: Industrial Product Design from the University of Plymouth. I have spent the last year working on a Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP) project to use design thinking for innovating business processes in a small engineering consultancy in Aberdeen.

I have experience in innovation management and leadership, having completed 5 practical modules per year while at university, and have most recently been project managing my mKTP project - which is a multi-organisational project. My background is in product development but I have since gained experience in systems and process innovation as part of my time on the mKTP project.

I am always looking for new learning opportunities and am especially keen to continue to work in innovation management and leadership. I have started - and although temporarily paused plan to continue - a master of research examining how virtual workspaces have influenced creative and collaborative work activities.

Introducing Scroll...

Scroll was my major project at university. Designed to help increase productivity, Scroll addresses the issue of digital distraction in our workplaces. 

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